TOPLAP Karlsruhe

iterative ßpace #2 - Live Coding Concert

audio-visual / subaquatic music / electro-acoustic / bubbletronica / addictive synthesis / recursive postalism / pythagorean drone / blip hop / algofunk / compu-rock - we invite you to another iteration of the concert and meet-up event "iterative ßpace" at ßpace of the association 'die Anstoß e. V.' on November 19, 2023.

In a cozy, seated setting, you will experience performances by Dan Wilcox, Jia Liu, Eddy Flux, and our guest from Lyon, Ralt144MI, who will present his current setup using modular video synthesis and the live coding language Sardine.

The live coding artists will not only give insights into their experimental and hybrid projects but will also be available in the scheduled Q/A sessions for questions about their technical and artistic concepts, etc.

Stop by, get inspired, and exchange ideas with artists and other music and live coding enthusiasts!


Dan Wilcox: "robotcowboy: input sessions"

Each performance input becomes the output of a formal system to be played in a decidedly informal manner.

robotcowboy: input sessions is a distillation of this live performance philosophy, focusing solely on live input becoming audio and video output. A camera overlay shows the input method, in this case the performers hands on a controller, over an audio / visual output field. Each video shows a different digital instrumentation where colored elements and sound have a proportional connection to the input action. The mappings are decidedly simple and optimized for speed and performance in order to emphasize liveness (and danger) as opposed to pre-preparation and perfection. The songs have a basic rhythmic structure but are left open in timing and playback considerations.

robotcowboy itself is a one-man band compu-rock musical project using custom hardware and software ideally running on a wearable computer.

Dan Wilcox is an artist, engineer, musician, and performer who combines live musical performance techniques with experimental electronics and software for the exploration of new expression. He grew up in the Rocket City, and has performed in Europe, Asia, and around the US with his one man band cyborg performance project, robotcowboy.

Dan currently lives in Karlsruhe, Germany and is a part-time artist & researcher at the ZKM Center for Art & Media Karlsruhe.

Jia Liu

Jia will try to navigate a vessel through a recursive space and find out the address of nowhere and now.

Jia Liu is a composer and computer music performer based in Karlsruhe, Germany. She composes for acoustic instruments as well as electroacoustic music and for other media. Since 2019, she has been coding live computer music using SuperCollider. Currently, she is focusing on algorithmic composition and music with micro-autonomous networks.

She is a founding member of the Ensemble [ _ _ _ ] for research into collaborative algorithms (https://e---e.bandcamp.com/), as well as of TOPLAP Karlsruhe _\|/_, a local hub for artistic programming and live-coded art.

She studied composition and music informatics at the Conservatory of Music in Shanghai and at the University of Music Karlsruhe, at the Institute for Music Informatics and Musicology (IMWI).

eddy flux

Mannheim, Germany
eddy flux (Felix Roos) writes code live to create hypnotic drones, wonky beats and alternate harmonies. Using his pet project "Strudel", he tries to find ways to make live coded music more accessible for both performers and audiences. https://www.youtube.com/@eddyflux


Lyon, France 
Ralt144MI (Rémi GEORGES) builds hybrid pieces of video memories mixed in an aquatic universe. It's the result of revisiting a large stock of family video tapes of scuba diving. The music, live-coded, will become a support for the tape, interacting and evolving with them. https://ralt144mi.remigeorges.fr

Organizers: _\|/_ TOPLAP Karlsruhe, Digitale Kunstfabrik e.V. & die Anstoß e.V.

Die Veranstaltung wird gefördert im Rahmen des Projektförderprogramms für Medienkunst der UNESCO City of Media Arts Karlsruhe 2023.