TOPLAP Karlsruhe

unofficial computer music concert series: frmscrtch/nt #0

frmscrtch/nt* #0 20240523

(*) this bunch of consonants is an obvious encryption of “from scratch or not”**, reflecting our*** awkward position of trying to establish a format convention, yet avoid letting it take over the entire meaning of an unofficial computer music concert series.

(**) from scratch (examples):
- When the writer finished writing his book, it was stolen and now he has to rewrite it from scratch.
- She said she wanted to build a new house from scratch.
- There were so many errors in the program that the programmer decided to rewrite it from scratch.
- He was out of pancake mix so he had to make the batter from scratch.

(***) toplap (transdimensional obvious pub of live artistic programming)

who’s playing (most probably):
  • jan ten
  • elmo
  • duk (dan)
  • daniel höpfner
  • jia liu
  • michele samarotto
  • eddyflux
  • (!) this concert is only a special meetup of toplap ka, where friends are invited to listen to live computer music, so no tickets are required.