TOPLAP Karlsruhe

CodeCollision - Live Coding Workshop and Concert

Live Coding Workshops in jubez Gallery and Studio

  • SuperCollider (13:30–15:30) [Anselm Weber, Daniel Höpfner, Michele Samarotto]
  • Strudel (13:30–15:30) [Felix Roos]
  • Computational Poetry (15:30–17:30) [Text generator in p5.js] [Jasmin Meerhoff]
  • Workshop-Anmeldung (Register for free): workshop@digitale-kunstfabrik.de

    Live Coding Concert

    19:00 Einlass (Abendkasse 10 Euro)
    20:00 Beginn

  • eddyflux
  • Elmo
  • Daniel Höpfner
  • nervousdata
  • Michele Samarotto
  • "Algorithms are thoughts." We are not only thinking about search engines, but also about art. How do algorithms become part of musical, visual and textual forms of expression? Perhaps best "live". In live coding, the process of writing a program becomes part of a performance. And computer code becomes an important element of experimentation, improvisation and collaboration.

    At this one-day event, the local live coding community TOPLAP Karlsruhe _\|/_ invites you to discover and explore ideas of open source, open mind and open communication through algorithmic art.

    In talks and workshops, beginners and experienced coders can learn about the technical possibilities and creative approaches for creating sounds, images and texts with computer code. The focus lies on collaboration and "collision" - between people and machines. Non-functioning will also be celebrated in a joint network jam. In the evening, various live coding performances with abstract sounds, chopped-up poetry and dancefloor bangers can be experienced at the concert.

    This event is a satellite event of ICLC 2024 Shanghai.

    Organizers: _\|/_ TOPLAP Karlsruhe, Digitale Kunstfabrik e.V. & jubez